Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Groundforce 2011

Scape, Singapore

I had a good time there cheer for all the pro's & expert's riders from all around the world. Well, they all have their own skills & styles which is amazing! Most of them are very nice. I had a chance to talk with Dominik Nekolny which I adore so much! He's friendly. We're talking about Malaysia and he said he will come to Malaysia if there's a international competition. Looking at the map together thru his iPhone studying a bit of Asia country coordinate. I get to know something about him which is he likes Indian food. hehe Ok ok enough about him. I met another rider from Japan name Kaneta Taiko. Oh yeah, he's so polite. He's one of the good rider too. Mostly the video I recorded have Taiko & Dominik inside haha but there's other riders too but not too much because of the limitation of my memory card. sigh it's too bad.

Whatever it is, I'm enjoying my time when I was there. Oh not forget to the Indonesia riders. They are so cool to. Nice knowing them. Oh ya! our Malaysia rider won the expert class. he is Hafiz Abd Wahab. Congrats adik!

To Myra, Paktam, Botak & Yatt, thanks for the good time even there's a little misunderstanding we had. I'm glad that we're safely arrived back in Malaysia.

 with myra

 with Dominik Nekolny :D

 with Taiko and his friend. Sorry I forgot his name

 Taiko again ;)

 Hafiz the expert's champion 

 with Tsutomu Kitayama :)

 Again with Taiko ;)